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We stand committed to maintaining and constantly improving the education and services for our students.

American Falls School District #381 Administrative Offices
827 Fort Hall Avenue - American Falls, Idaho 83211 - phone: (208) 226-5173  fax: (208) 226-5754

A message from our Superintendent

Dr. Ronald R. Bolinger

 Welcome to the American Falls School District located in the historic city of American Falls and home to the Five-Star Award winning American Falls High School.  American Falls has been the site of the largest reservoir in Idaho since 1925 when the dam was built and the town was moved to its present site.  We are pleased to provide an outstanding education to our students.

  • To prepare students to interact productively and effectively in society.
  • To teach students the necessary academic and life skills for future education and be job ready.


The nearly 1500 students with approximately 100 staff and 125 classified personnel are here to serve our students and parents in our four schools and one alternative school.  We offer a variety of specialty programs including dual enrollment classes at the high school, gifted and talented programs at elementary, Gear-Up college preparatory for middle school and high school and Professional Technical Education and our award winning FFA program.


 In the American Falls School District, you will find:

  • Commitment to college and career readiness
  • Preparation for Idaho core and the development of creativity and thinking skills with an emphasis on integration of technology
  • A safe and secure learning environment
  • Caring and compassionate staff committed to providing the best education for each and every child
  • Opportunities for meaningful parent involvement
  • Commitment to the arts including band and choir programs beginning in the elementary grades.  The district’s outstanding art program offers course work including ceramics, painting and drawing at the middle school and high school levels

Mr. Lance has graciously volunteered to be the GEAR UP Tutor this year. He will provide tutoring services starting Thursday,
(9/11) from 7am-8am in Room #1. Tutoring will be available Monday-Friday until the end of the school year.


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Letter to Parents The new Idaho Core Standards

Letter to Parents about The New Idaho Core Standards

Golden Pride Award Winners

2015-2016 School Year

A hearty congratulation to our Golden Pride Award recipients who have been recognized by the American Falls School Board for "above and beyond" services to our district. They represent the professional and support staff that equal excellence for our students.

The first recipients of the Golden Pride Award for the 2015-2016 school year were presented at the regular school board meeting on October 26, 2015 to second grade teacher Paula Nelson and teacher assistant Karla Good.  The Golden Pride Award is given monthly to celebrate the “above and beyond” service of our professional and classified employees of the American Falls School District.

Paula Nelson has been a second grade teacher at Hillcrest Elementary for the past three years.  Her nominator wrote:  In so many ways, Paula Nelson demonstrates what a distinguished teacher is. Paula’s classroom is one of the most purposefully engaging environments at Hillcrest.  She understands and expertly delivers what her students need. Her class runs oh so smoothly and in a child directed and centered manner. It is a pleasure to be in her classroom.

Beyond the classroom, Paula is an educational leader and advocate. She has been instrumental in helping Hillcrest teachers learn and successfully implement a much needed explicit phonics program. The improvements we have seen in our reading results have been significant.

As our English Language Arts “go to” person, Paula is also instrumental in our Write Tools implementation. She has and continues to provide valuable Professional Development helping our school become a place where children are successfully taught to be proficient writers. Paula has shifted the attitudes and skills of our teachers to create a positive culture of writing at Hillcrest.

Paula’s contributions to our school and the educational profession do not stop here. She is currently mentoring a new teacher through her first year of teaching. With Paula’s guidance and oversight, our new teacher is proving to be astute and competent in the classroom. Our teacher couldn’t have a better model and mentor.

Did I mention, in her spare time this summer, Paula helped another teacher organize and bring a much needed guided reading teaching resource library into our school. And she is one of our most knowledgeable teachers in bringing technology into the classroom.

Amazingly Paula does all these things with a bright smile, cheery disposition and an infectiously “can do” attitude. I always wonder how we can clone this woman.

It is easy to see why Paula is highly deserving of the Golden Pride Award. We respect and appreciate her immensely.

Karla Good has been with the American Falls School District for 18 years.  Her nominator wrote:  Karla Good is a valued paraprofessional at Hillcrest. She serves as a full time paraprofessional in our developmental preschool and kindergarten program. Over the last year, Karla has seamlessly stepped into the teaching role on various occasions without hesitation or disruption. She meets the needs of our most vulnerable and challenged students with competency, determination and a very level head.

Karla goes above and beyond daily without even knowing it. She's patient, kind, insightful, and always willing to try new teaching strategies to help our students. She is always willing to help

safety tips

 we can all make sure children are safe.

 • Slow down. • Be especially careful when driving on neighborhood streets and around school zones, always expect the unexpected. 

• Be alert for children walking to and from school as you back out of your driveway or leave your parking garage.

 • Watch for children on bicycles, especially at intersections and driveways. Young bicyclists have a tendency to dart out of driveways without looking for traffic.

 • Stop your car when you see lights flashing on a school bus. Red flashing lights indicate that the bus is stopped and students are getting on or off.

• Do not start driving until the red lights stop flashing. Be aware that a child may dash across the street.

 • When you approach a school bus picking up a child, it is the law to stop. When the flashing lights come on and the red stop sign extends that means STOP.

 Drivers (If you drive your child to school.): 
• Allow yourself enough time to get to school and then to work. Leave earlier to avoid the potential “to speed” getting to your destination on time

 • Make sure that your child is in their safety seat or restrained properly when you are taking them to school. Every person in the vehicle must buckle up.

 • Pay extra attention at crosswalks. Take an extra look to be sure that no students are crossing. 

• Obey all signs, safety patrol and officers in your school zone. They are there to make the drop-offs and pick-ups run smoother.

 • Drop children off as close to school as possible. If possible, avoid the need for children to cross the street.

 • Follow all posted speed limits.

• Does your child ride a bicycle to school? Remember: State law requires anyone under the age of sixteen to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. It is not just the law--it is a good idea for everyone. 

• Remind children to look to the right before they step off the bus. Drivers in a hurry sometimes try to sneak by buses on the right. 

• Make sure they leave home on time so that they can walk to the bus stop and arrive before the bus is due. Running can be dangerous.

 • Teach your children to secure loose drawstrings and other objects that may be caught in the handrail or door of the school bus as they are exiting. 

• Warn children that if they drop something near the bus they should never ever pick it up. Instead, they should tell the bus driver and follow the driver's directions. If they bend over to pick up a dropped object, they might not be seen by the driver and could be hurt if the bus pulls away from the stop.

 • Go to the bus stop with a young child and have older children walk in groups. There is safety in numbers because groups are easier for drivers to see.

• If you decide to meet your child at the bus stop after school, wait on the side where the child will be dropped off, not across the street. 

School Supplies

AF Actors Win State Championship!!!

American Falls High School Alumni, Jordan Bowman, with Zachary Buker, founders of the new production company, Opera Elect, http://operaelect.org/  performed  on April 13th at 7:30 p.m. in the American Falls High School Fine Arts Center. 

Our AFHS Choir performed with Opera Elect.

Everyone enjoyed  their wonderful talent and witty & lighthearted banter between well-known works by Mozart, Schubert, and Donizetti.

Jordan and Zach spoke about some fun opera history and the exciting start-up of their company. Jordan was delighted in sharing her work with her hometown. She is thankful for all the support she has received over the years from family, teachers, and friends.

Make the Most of Your Teacher Conference

 Upcoming  Events in our Community 

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American Falls School 

We have implemented a district-wide library program. 

 It is web-based,
 anyone can access the library catalogs anywhere with internet service
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