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We stand committed to maintaining and constantly improving the education and services for our students.

827 Fort Hall - American Falls, Idaho 83211 - phone: (208) 226- 5173 or Fax: (208) 226-5754) 

Many Thanks
 to all the patrons of the American Falls School District for voting in the Bond and Levy Elections Tuesday, March 14th. 
 Thanks to the Bond Information Committee for all the efforts to provide details on the new building.

American Falls School District is looking for volunteers to join the Wellness Committee.
 If you are interested in participating in the development, review, update and implementation of the local school Wellness Policy 
please contact: Lisa Krell at 226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364226-7364.

Next Board Meeting
September 25, 2017 

Next Education Foundation Meeting
October 10, 2017


Starting this year the School District office will produce a bi-weekly newsletter providing you with fun and important information. We will also include a schedule of upcoming events.   This newsletter will be an important source of information for you so please take a minute when they arrive to review them.  If you have information you want included or items put on the calendar please send it to Sally or Randy.  We are still working on the schedule for the start of year and that will be included in the next newsletter.  I hope you all are having a great summer.  

Randy Jensen - American Falls School District Superintendent

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Next Board Meeting
September 25, 2017 

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Hillcrest Elementary School principal Tina Fehringer poses with a class of first graders at the school.
She was recently recognized by the Idaho Association of Elementary School Principals as the 2017

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