Driver's Education

car driving

Next Class Starts June 6, 2024

Parent meeting 6:00 pm June 6th, in JR Simplot Gym. Classes start Monday Morning June 10th, 8:00 AM classes are in Room 6 of the school District office building.

Students need to be 14.5 years old by the start date.

Bring with you to the DMV:

  1. Certified birth certificate from the State (not a copy) if you don’t have it they can still issue the permit but your student will not be issued a driver’s license without it. They have to be able to scanned into the State

  2. School Picture ID (even if it’s old) or a yearbook picture.

  3. VOC (Verification of Compliance) from the school (the permit will not be issued without it).

  4. Social Security card).

  5. Parent or legal guardian must bring the student in to sign paperwork.

  6. $26.50 (Cash, Check/Debit card accepted).