Parent Involvement

As explained in the Program Summary, over the last two years, a Literacy Program Plan committee (including parental representation) has meet regularly creating, reviewing, revising, aligning and improving our Literacy Program Plan.

Our 2017-18 Literacy plan will provide multiple opportunities for parent/guardian participation in creating their student’s literacy plan. Initially, all parents will be invited to a Reading Intervention Program Overview in conjunction with our school’s Open House. After the fall IRI, parents of children identified as below grade level will receive a letter indicating their child has been identified as having a deficit in reading. They will also be invited to participate in establishing and creating an individualized reading improvement plan for their child. After the development of the plan, parents will be provided a description of the plan at parent teacher conferences and/or by letter. In addition, parents will have multiple opportunities to learn home strategies to help their child improve his/her literacy skills. Multiple flyers and pamphlets including applicable parts of “A Parent’s Guide to Promoting Early Literacy” from the Idaho State Department of Education’s IRI website will be available at conferences or sent directly home. Family Literacy Nights will be facilitated at the school. Our school’s leadership team has also created grade level “What Families Can Do at Home to Improve a Child’s Literacy Skills” Pamphlets to help our parents have strategies and resources they can work on in the home. In some interventions such as Lexia Core 5, parent letters describing the program and on-line home offerings will be promoted.

Furthermore, teachers will keep parents/guardians updated on student progress through reviewing reports and explaining programs or answering questions at parent teacher conferences. Parents will also be able to contact their child’s teacher at any time in reference to their child’s Individualized Literacy Plan. In most programs, supplemental skill-correlated materials are available to help parents/guardians support student learning.

Literacy Plan 2017-18t-REQUIRED Performance Metrics

We were very happy with our growth and percentage proficient this year. The only area we decreased in was kindergarten and we feel our proficiency level was good considering the number of high risk students we have in this group. In fact, knowing where this group started at the beginning of the year in terms of extreme low pre-literacy skills and a high number of Spanish only speakers, we made aggressive growth. Regardless, we will continue to give ourselves “stretch” goals and reach for maximum performance at all levels.