Strategic Directives & Goals

2016-2017 Priority Actions

Strategic Directive 1-Student Achievement and Activities

  • Goal 1: Continue to maintain and improve the curriculum, instruction and assessment process throughout the American Falls School District.

Strategic Directive 2-Building and Facilities Development

  • Goal 2: Plan for facility needs to meet future growth and needs. Include regular assessment of building capacity in relation to testing/growth cohorts.

Strategic Directive 3-Leadership & Personnel Development

  • Goal 3: Develop a comprehensive program of standards implementation and instructional improvement efforts.
  • Goal 4: Align the staff development plan with directions and results taken from the assessment and evaluation plan.
  • Goal 5: Identify issues regarding retention and recruitment of employees and develop a plan to address them.
  • Goal 6: Establish a formal schedule for continued board and administration development.

Strategic Directive 4-Fiscal Management Goal

  • Goal 7: Maintain a cost effective budget management system.

Strategic Directive 5-Public Relations

  • Goal 8: Develop and manage a district-wide public information, marketing plan to promote public awareness of district issues, activities and accomplishments.

Strategic Directive 6 – Technology; operational and instructional

  • Goal 9: Establish a technology review committee to monitor the overall technology plan.

Strategic Directive 7—Emphasize the continued support of the importance of the Professional and Ethical Behavior Standards (boundaries) as outlined by the Idaho Code of Ethics for Professional Educators and Staff

  • Goal 10: Present to each employee the need for professional boundaries in addition to proper use of electronic communications and social networking devices.