Board of Trustees

Public Presentation to the Board

Individual Board members, employees, students and patrons may have matters directly related to school district business placed on the agenda of a regular Board of Trustees meeting by making a written request to include that item to:


American Falls School District #381

827 Fort Hall Avenue

American Falls, ID 83211

The request must be received no later than Wednesday preceding the meeting at which time the matter is intended to be discussed. Any item placed on the Board agenda by the Board Chairman at the request of any of the above mentioned person(s) will be scheduled as information and discussion only. In making such determination, the Board may request postponement of discussion to permit adequate time for study, analysis and response by district staff.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to determine when it will consider subjects that are appropriate according to law for discussion in an executive session.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board

The Board’s responsibilities include the formation and adoption of policies consistent with state and federal law and with the considered interest of students, staff and community.

Other Board activities include securing money for operational needs and authorizing major expenditures, authorizing the purchase or sale of school property, the hiring and discharging of the superintendent, giving final authority to the hiring and discharge of personnel, setting educational standards and goals, reviewing and evaluating all phases of the districts instructional programs and other operations, and expressing and representing the views of the community.

Organization of the Board

The American Falls School Board is comprised of five members, elected by the citizens of the district at an election held the third Tuesday in May in odd years only to serve overlapping terms for four years each. Board members are not paid for their services. Trustees are responsible for the governance of the district adopting, revising or deleting policy or by-laws which affect the school district.

The Board officers include the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman. The chairman presides at all meetings, serves as official spokesperson for the Board and performs other similar duties as described by law. Officers are elected annually at the organizational meeting in July.

Operation Protocol

For the purpose of accomplishing the district mission and enhancing teamwork among members of the Board of Trustees and the administration developed the following operating protocols:

Focus on the interests of students first.

We are advocates of good things happening in education to meet the needs of individual students. All decisions and activities of the board and the administration will be driven by “Is it Good For the Kids?”.

Act as educational advocates.

We believe it is imperative that all Board and administrative members are advocates for the American Falls School District and public education in general. The Board and administration will actively seek opportunities to discuss the educational opportunities available to students and the multitude of district successes with patrons, staff, students and appropriate local and state decision-makers.

Practice the governance roles.

We recognize that the Board and Administration have different roles to play in the district operation and will honor each others defined roles. The Board’s role is to plan, make policies, hire and evaluate the superintendent and be a communication link to the community. The administration is responsible for executing the board-approved district policies and the day-to-day management of the district. All trustees and administrators will respect and support each other’s roles.

Act only as a body.

We recognize that individual board members do not have authority. Authority resides in the Board as a whole, and not in individual members. An individual board member will not take unilateral action. The board chairman and /or superintendent will communicate the position(s) of the Board on controversial issues. When board members visit a school or attend committee meetings, their roles shall be to take input and to observe unless otherwise authorized by board rule.

Conduct effective and efficient board meetings.

We choose to conduct our meetings in an open and orderly fashion. The Board of Trustees will follow established meeting protocols and agenda during all meetings. The public will be allowed to address the board at the beginning of each meeting. However, meetings of the Board of Trustees are meetings held in public, not public meetings. School Board members will focus on the good of the entire district and not and not serve the interests of small interest groups.

Handle student, staff or patron concerns responsibly.

We believe that problems are best resolved by those who are most directly responsible. Trustees and administrators will listen to the individual’s concerns and explain that there is a procedure for handling concerns with a specific chain of command as defined in Board policy. Persons with concerns will be reassured that the appropriate district administrator and consequently the staff member/s closest to the situation will be involved in resolving that concern.