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Dual Enrollment

College Credit in High School?


Yes!  You can get college credit while still in high school by enrolling in Dual Enrollment (DE) classes or taking college classes during summer.  Juniors and seniors can earn dual AFHS/college credit by completing specified college courses.  AFHS and college professor pre-approval is required.  A fee will be charged for these courses.  The amount is determined by the university and is subject to change.  Please see the counselor for more information about any of these programs.


  Although DE classes require more study than other classes, there are many benefits:

·         Students can complete over one year of college credit while still in high school.

·         Hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be saved in college costs.

·         Dual Enrollment and other challenging courses on the transcript help students gain admission to the college of their choice.  Admission committees give preference to students with Honors and College courses.


Strong, motivated students are encouraged to take DE classes offered during their junior and senior year.  Students enrolling in DE courses must meet the minimum GPA (usually 3.0) and also meet the minimum score on the ACT and/or Compass test.

Dual Enrollment Courses Include:


Junior Year                                                                                          Senior Year

DE US History 111, 112 (3 trimesters)                                           DE English 110 (3 trimesters)

DE English 101 (3 trimesters)                                                          DE Calculus 170 (3 trimesters)

DE Math 253 Statistics (3 trimesters)                                             DE POLS 101 Intro to American Government (2 trimesters)     

DE German 1101 (3 trimesters)                                                      AG 510, 512 & 514 (must complete all three for college credit

DE                                                                                                          and may be taken during grades 11 or 12)

AGED 140 (1trimester) 1-3 credits (11 or 12)                                                AgEd 160 (1 trimester) 1 credit

PLSC 100 (3 trimesters) 3 credits (11 or 12)                                                WELDING 131 (Welding Pathway) 14 credits

AVS 105 (3 trimesters) 3 credits (11 or 12)

NRS 100 (2 trimesters) 2 credits (11 or 12)


  • AG Dual Enrollment Courses articulate for credit through the University of Idaho.
  • Health Occupations Dual Enrollment:  See Ms. Lott for information on prerequisites for health programs at ISU College of Technology.  

What about Career Exploration & Employment Preparation?


Career Exploration:  The Career Exploration & Employment Preparation class is required for graduation from American Falls High School.  This introductory course is designed to assist students in establishing career and educational direction, to help them choose which career pathway they would like to take, and to prepare them for an individualized occupational education uniquely suited to their strengths and motivations.



Professional-Technical Education

Professional-Technical Education (PTE) is to provide students with the technical skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for successful performance in a highly effective workplace.  AFHS students interested in technical careers should consult with a PTE teacher for more information.