School Bond Information

You are urged to look over the plans and tax information 
Contact any board member or Dr. Bolinger at  226-5173 or visit us at 827 Fort Hall Avenue.

Only What’s Needed-Nothing More

Power County Polling Places

Precinct #1

American Falls City Hall
550 North Oregon Trail
American Falls, ID

Precinct #2

American Falls Public Library
308 Roosevelt
American Falls, ID

Precinct #3

Power County Courthouse Annex
500 Pocatello Avenue
American Falls, ID

Precinct #4

Rockland City Hall
Rockland, ID

Precinct #5

Arbon Valley Bible Church
4700 Arbon Valley Highway
Arbon, ID

Precinct #6

Pocatello Regional Airport
Pocatello, ID

Absentee Election Precinct

Power County Courthouse
543 Bannock Avenue
American Falls, ID

If you need information as to what precinct you vote at Contact:

Sharee Sprague
Clerk of the District Court
Ex-Officio Auditor and Recorder

Power County Courthouse
543 Bannock Ave.
American Falls, ID 83211
Phone: (208) 226-7611
Fax: (208) 226-7612

Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday


April 22nd - Last day to register to vote at Clerk’s office

 May 11th - Last day to request an absentee ballot

May 16th - Last day to deliver absentee ballot in person 

 May 17th - May register to vote at voting precinct

Election Day 

Tuesday, May 17th 

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

April 28th - Hillcrest Elementary - 7:00 to 8:00 pm

 May 4th - District Board Room - 2:00 to 3:00 pm

May 10th - American Falls Library - 7:00 to 8:00 pm
May 16th - AFIS Music Room - 7:00 to 8:00 pm

Voter Requirements

· Must be 18 years of age

· Citizen of the United States

· Resident of the  American Falls School  District for at least 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Why remove the current 5th grade building and preserve the current 4th grade building?

     The current 5th grade building is a two story building without an elevator which  creates ADA issues, especially for younger students.  The building is not the best fit for its current use. The proposed building would be designed to meet the needs and abilities of 3rd to 5th grade students at a lower long-term maintenance cost and provide for future growth, an option the current building does not provide.

     The new school will provide controlled access and safety for the students.                     The current 4th grade building is in a good location and will be given minimal upgrades in order to provide appropriate space for school district offices and community         purposes. 

Have other plans been considered before making this proposal?

     This design and plan is the fifth version that has been considered by the committee during the planning process. Several proposals, including the preservation of current     structures, removal of both structures at AFIS and expansion of Hillcrest Elementary School were considered.

     The option being proposed to the voters on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 is the result of numerous community meetings and hundreds of hours of input by volunteers. The Citizen Input Committee along with the school board feels this option represented the best compromise of all of the previously considered options and provides the greatest benefit for the future of our community. There are still many opportunities for        community involvement as the project progresses. If you would like to get involved, contact the school district office at 208-226-5173.

Why not expand at Hillcrest?

     Over 500 students, pre-kindergarten thru 3rd grade, attend Hillcrest now which is not the best setting for learning. The average elementary school in Idaho is 330 students.  Adding children to an already large setting creates a non-personalized educational experience, lessening the attention young   students require and deserve.

     Additional students reduce the opportunity for physical education, music, computer and library classes to less than one time per week.

     Current parking, drop-off, pick-up and bus zone congestion would be magnified.

     Excavation and drainage costs due to sloping landscape and bringing Hillcrest to new building code (required if space added) would be substantial.

Sample Ballot

Yellow highlighted area pertains to the school bond portion of the ballot .

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Bond Question 1
The Proposed New 3rd,4th & 5th Elementary School
to be located at the existing American Falls Intermediate School Campus

 Figure 1:The Proposed New 3rd,4th & 5th Elementary School
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Figure 2:The Proposed New 3rd,4th & 5th Elementary School
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· Over the past five years, grade level enrollment at Hillcrest has increased to an average of over 125 students or two additional classrooms for the building.

· From December to March, a series of parent and patron meetings were held and surveys given to gain input and suggestions from our citizens.   A plan for the proposed bond considered input from parents and patrons to address the two major needs:  1) additional space needed at Hillcrest Elementary; and 2) the renovation or replacement of the current Intermediate School.

· Based on the input of the community and after reviewing several options, the consensus was to build a new $12.5 million   52,000 sq. foot elementary school for grades 3-5. The people’s voices were heard and the board listened.

· Moving the third grade to the new elementary school will provide needed classroom space at Hillcrest and accommodate  growth.

· School bond tax rates will not increase, but remain the same  for the years of 2017 and 2018. Beginning in 2019 when the new bond takes effect the Tax Rates Will Decrease.

· The new building would enhance safety, security, and ADA access and will be designed to feel like an elementary school.

· The current two-story fifth grade building would be removed to make way for the new building, while the fourth grade building would remain with some repairs and continue to be used as the School District Offices and for Community Education.

The New Building Will Provide Space for 3rd  thru 5th & Include:  

· 18  Classrooms (6- 3rd grade, 6– 4th grade, 6– 5th grade)

· 3  Computer Labs; 2  Special Education Classrooms

· 2 ESL ( English  as  a Second Language )  Classrooms

· Media Center  & School Offices

· Current Gym, cafeteria,  and music room will be utilized

Bond Question 2
American Falls High School - Auxiliary Gymnasium Plane
Figure 1: Site Plan Gymnasium
(click here to enlarge)

Figure 2: Site Plan Gymnasium
(click below to enlarge)

· A second bond question for a $1.6 million auxiliary  gym at the high school is needed for classes at the high school and additional gym time for the  younger students for activities.

· The auxiliary gym will provide a safe area for cheer and dance practice, which is currently lacking.

· Currently, high school sports use the Intermediate gym as an auxiliary gym for athletic practices for both girls and boys teams. This leaves little time for younger students’ practices.

· All high school sports practices would then be moved to the new gym.

· The auxiliary gym will allow for additional practice time for high school teams and new access for young students or city leagues.

· The gym would provide more opportunities for additional sports activities not currently available and help our teams be more competitive.

· The number of gyms available to use in American Falls has decreased with all but the Lutheran Church closing gymnasiums access to outside groups. The gyms  available are the three schools and the Lutheran Church on a limited basis. The middle school gym is available for athletics and some adult       community education.

· With additional student opportunities and gym access, retention of athletes and ability to compete is enhanced.

· The cost of the gym adds only approximately 14 cents per thousand dollars of taxable property value or $7.55 per year on a $100,000 house after homeowner exemption.


Bond Costs Breakdown
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Tax Impact - Decrease

Bond Election 2016

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