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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I log in to the domain? There are a number of reasons to rule out in order:
  1. Make sure ethernet cable is plugged into PC and lighting up or Wi-Fi is enabled and within range
  2. Check any wired or wireless hub/switch to make sure it is lighting up (has power) and is connected to wall jack
  3. Make sure you are using correct username and password, (not your full email address)
  4. If appropriate username not selected, click Switch User
  5. Make sure sd381 is selected, not local machine
Why can't I log in to gmail? Gmail uses the same username and password as Powerschool but make sure you add the @sd381.k12.id.us
    Make sure you are on the gmail page and not the Google Chrome sync page. For students, be sure they are using their student number and the password assigned with it.

Why can't I print my document? Make sure the correct printer is selected in your program's print setup. If it is not there,
  1. Open Chrome or Firefox, select the URL bar at the top, type: http://pkgmgr/ and press enter
  2. In Package Manager, under Available Packages select your supported network printers
  3. At the top of the left column, press Commit Changes
  4. Save work and log off the computer and back on, or go to Start > All Programs > Startup > then select printer packages
  5. Return to program, select file, print setup, printer should now be in drop-down list
If desired printers were not listed under Available Packages on Package Manager,
  1. First, check Installed Packages list. If not listed there, call the HelpDesk.
  2. If listed under Installed Packages, follow steps 4 and 5 above.
  3. If unresolved at this point, call the HelpDesk.
Why can't I access my program? If using a desktop link, it may be a broken link. Try opening the program directly...
  1. item one
When can I begin using my new PowerSchool account? Your user account should be accessible in PowerSchool _, and for computer log-in, gmail, NetSiege within _.
  • After _, if still not accessible, 
Why can't I access the WiFi in my building? If you have located the building's WiFi under available networks...
  1. Select the network in the list which matches the building (e.g. HCES-WiFi), and connect to it.
  2. For Apple iOS devices, _
If you don't know how to select a WiFi network...
  1. Check to make sure your wireless antenna is active.
    1. PC: This is indicated by a radio signal icon on the right side of the main taskbar.
    2. Mac: _
    3. iPad/iPhone: _
    4. Android device: Select Apps > Settings > WIRELESS & NETWORKS; then switch Wi-Fi to ON.