The seniors of American Falls Academy have built a "Good News" bulletin board that is between Kens and Rockland Pharmacy.  The board notifies the public of  positive events that are happening in our classrooms and schools that usually do not make the paper.  Seniors from the Academy have been assigned to different schools and visit with teachers weekly to gather information for the board.  It is the Academy's wish that this board will become a tradition for the posting of positive school news in the community.  Information is changed every Wednesday; please stop by and read about the many wonderful things that are happening in our schools!

The current students are:
Cade Anderson & Enrique Portillo - Hillcrest
Ben Hidalgo & Ethen Gonzalez- AF Intermediate
Diana Lopez & Stephanie Wasson - WTMS
Jeremy Hauber & John Campbell - AFHS

 Mr. Anderson said his Sixth Grade Crafts class is starting to do some lanyards and Lacing Projects, Seventh Grade is working on clay containers also his Seventh Grade Math Enrichment students are making Pinko Boards, and Eighth Grade Art 4 are building Glass Mosaic Topped Tables 

Tyler Campbell of American Falls High School states that the student body has come together to set up and make this years prom the best yet.

Hillcrest Elementary

Last week Mrs.Warth’s pre-school and kindergarten classes watched eggs hatch from their incubators for their  Growing and Changing Theme.They have studied what happens, the developmental changes and each day inside the eggs.They have plastic eggs that show daily changes as well as a special microscope that they used to look inside the  eggs.

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William Thomas Middle School

Mrs. West’s language class did their reading test and they’re working on possessive nouns sentences and inferences. She said Jacey Nilso got the highest score on the reading test!

Mr. Dieffenbach of American Falls High School states that his biology class they went bird and students became more aware of the wildlife we have, One of the birds they seen was a nesting goose.

Mrs Blairs, English class took there short stories to the Hillcrest to read to the little kids. American Falls High school.

William Thomas Middle School 
Ms. Wright’s photo class students has learned about photographic basics including framing the subject, the Rule of Thirds, and the repetition of patterns and leading lines. 

Students in Ms. Julio's room are playing Lewis and Clark Jeopardy as they review for a test:)

Hillcrest Elementary
Mrs. Campbell's 1st grade class is learning about rainforest animals.  Each student has picked an animal that they liked and now they are writing a descriptive paragraph about it.  They will then be displayed for parents at Parent Teacher Conferences.

William Thomas Middle School 
 Mrs. Bolinger said the 7th grade will be going to ISU on March 20.  First they will go on a tour of the lower campus including the Rendezvous Center and Reed Gym, and then they will attend the Tech Expo in Holt Arena for the rest of the morning.  The Tech Expo is a chance for students to see the various programs offered at ISU's College of Technology. They just completed the Skills Exploration program for this year on the four Fridays of January.

Hillcrest Elementary School’s 
Mrs. Connelly's class is working really hard on writing complete sentences. Her class is also learning how to use different types of punctuation.

Eric Nieto of American Falls High School: states that in Ms. Stroud's animation class they are working on a future job presentation> This has inspired him to follow his passion in Gaming illustration

William Thomas Middle School 
Student council raised  $250 for Power County Search and Rescue last trimester. This trimester they have raised $150 but they haven’t decided where to donate the money. The parent-teacher conferences in February will be pretty unique with each student presenting orally to a group of parents about their learning accomplishments for the trimester. They honor students every month with good citizenship awards and every week with academic awards. 

To celebrate math and Valentine's day, the fifth graders at AFIS made polyhedron balls to hang in the halls.

On Feb 10, 2014 2:29 PM, "Ethen Gonzales"  wrote:
Hi, my name is Ethen Gonzalez from the American Falls Academy.  I want to gather positive information from your classroom that I can put up on our schools good news bulletin board by Kens Food Market.  Would you send me an email with some positive information about your class. I would like to gather this before Wednesday by noon

American Falls High School

The Youth Government Club attended their first meeting in Pocatello on the 15th.
Students that participated in this first meeting were: Riley Geritz, Tessa Matthews, Andre Chanel, Alex Hernandez, Madelein Bowman and Brigham Richardson. 

Kodee Vining of American Falls High School states that in
 Mrs Jones Art Class she is letting them choose from what they love to do. There is some very beautiful art work coming from this and the students love it.

American Falls High school 
Guidance counselor Karen Ludwig, is proud to say that 75% of the seniors have applied dot at least one college